Our Vision

We promote and encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle, governed by knowledge and health awareness for the welfare of man and community.

Our Message

We strive to set an example and be the reference for health and awareness for all members of the Gulf society in particular, and Arab in general, and to have a considerable influence through acted and musical content that presents simple tips on health and prevention. In other words, our focus is to help society to maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes physical, mental and spiritual health.

GCC Health Council is an independent Gulf organization that is organizationally linked to the Secretariat General of the GCC. The Council has a high global-regional standing with an active role in the health sector. Since the Council began its activities in 1396 AH/ 1976, it has been working towards achieving a sustainable healthy community, and to provide the highest attainable standard of health for the GCC countries’ citizens, through developing strategies, policies and health systems that aim to protect Member States from imported diseases, and to control and eliminate the transmissible diseases in the GCC countries.

The GCC Health Council is keen to promote and improve the health sector in the Member States through constructive initiatives, which included a radio program produced in 1980 entitled “Salamatak” where it was screening on many Gulf and Arab televisions.

Today, Salamatak returns with a more well-developed strategy to keep up with the current time and with a high level of competitiveness, taking into consideration that a broad cross-section of society are nowadays health-literate. Therefore, the Council is keen to have the program in a strong and influential style, including a dramatic plot, musical scene, explanatory materials, among others, to draw the viewer’s attention.


The new Salamatak logo is a representation of the Gulf Health Council’s care and quest to create and achieve a balance that makes living easier and better. The heart symbol was chosen to be the center of the logo and identity of Salamatak, because the program is about mental, emotional and physical health of each individual. In addition, the heart symbol is globally known for representing human ideology, passion, health and his lifeblood.

Salamatak Cast

Abdulnasser Al-Zair

Saudi actor, director and composer known for his kids-friendly work, holds a bachelor's degree in acting and directing from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1981. Al-Zair was the Head of Theater Department at the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts in Dammam.

Najya Al-Rabiea

Saudi actress and director, her artistic talent showed up early starting on her school theater. She studied directing at the University of San Francisco and graduated in 1984.

Ahmed Musaed

Kuwaiti actor and director, started his career in 1966 when he was a student at the Institute of Drama Studies. In 1969 and after he graduated, he started working at Kuwait Radio.

Raja Mohammed

Born in 1962, Raja is a Kuwaiti (of Syrian descent) actress, singer and one of the founders of the children's theater in the Arab World. She began her career at the age of 16 with small roles and soon made her starring roles on both theater and Television

Ahmed Al-Jasmi

Emirati actor, producer and the co-founder of Ajman National Theater in 1978. He started his early theater acting on his school theater and attended several drama courses delivered by leading Arab stage actors who then came to the UAE, he, also, participated in many theater workshops.

Esteqlal Ahmed

Kuwaiti (of Iraqi descent) actress, born in 1962. She started her career in 1974, through acting, working in the radio and on stage. In 1985, Esteqlal retired from acting after her marriage and moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Abdullah Al-Dbes

Kuwaiti actor born in 1958, and started his career in 1983. Al-Dbes has played many roles both on television and theater.

Saleh Zale

Omani actor and one of the main pillars of the Omani drama and one of its founders. He worked on developing and building the pillars of modern art with his colleagues in the Sultanate by solidifying the art of theater and drama.


Syrian actress resides in Kuwait, she began her career in 1991. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Acting and Directing Department in Kuwait. She took part in many TV shows and plays. Samah took a little hiatus but continued her career by working in the radio and dubbing until she returned to the stage in 2014.

Abdulrahman Al-Aqel

Kuwaiti actor, director and author, he began his career in the late 60s by acting on stage and television, but he rose to fame in the 80s and 90s.

Ibrahim Khames

Bahraini actor and director, born in Manama in 1956 and began his career in 1980. He acted in many TV shows, but he prefers acting on stage.

Salamatak is an awareness program with an authentic Arab spirit that provides health advice and guidance in line with the standards of international health awareness organizations. It aims to elevate society through health and safety awareness in a spontaneous way, and targets healthy people in particular and society in general.

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