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Tips for Smart Shopping

Many of us shop without a clear shopping plan, and this is a big mistake that most shoppers make. To avoid this, we recommend preparing a list of what you need to buy prior to your shopping trip. In that list, make sure you include everything you might need in the following week and make sure to get everything to avoid any extra trips to the supermarket.

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Interesting Facts

  • Shopping carts are three times bigger than they used to be! A 2011 study found a 40% increase in total purchases with bigger carts than the average sized ones
  • Brands compete and pay huge sums of money to ensure that their products are displayed at your eye level which increases the chance of you actually buying them
  • Free samples in the supermarket are used as a marketing ploy to make you feel hungry so you would buy more food

How to shop according to your needs?

  • Before your shopping trip, compare prices between different stores then go to the cheapest one
  • Set a budget for your expenses and try your best to stick to it
  • Avoid shopping when you’re bored to avoid making any useless, yet costly purchases
  • Set a budget for children when you go to the supermarket with them, to teach them responsibility and discipline
  • Take a look at the products displayed in the lower shelves of the supermarket, as they often have lower prices yet are of good quality

Smart and healthy alternatives

  • Try replacing full-fat milk and dairy products with low-fat and skimmed ones
  • Replace cooking oils with healthier oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil
  • Replace your white flour with whole wheat flour for more nutrients
  • When buying meat, make sure it is fresh, and stay away from ground meat with unknown origins and grind or chop the meat yourself to ensure its quality

Apply these tips and see the difference!

First tip: do not go shopping while hungry to avoid impulse purchases based on cravings.

Second tip: prepare a list of what you need before going to the store for a fast and efficient trip.

Third advice: note that in most stores, fresh bakeries and refrigerators are located on the sides of the store which is often filled with chilled healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and meats. Pay attention to the following:

  • Make sure the refrigerator is well-cooled and the food in it is not exposed
  • Check the produce to avoid any with black or yellow spots
  • Buy skinless chicken to reduce fat
  • Avoid processed foods such as deli meats as some scientific evidence indicates their harm on the heart and the body
  • Make sure your bread, corn flakes, and even biscuits and pasta are whole grains as they are high in fibers which is important to your gut health
  • Stay away from canned and overly processed food such as condiments and pre-packaged foods as they tend to be full of fats, salts, and preservatives

Fourth tip: Before buying any discounted items, double check their expiration dates

Fifth and final advice: Sort your groceries as soon as you get home and place them in their designated locations (pantry, refrigerator or freezer) and do not forget to wash your hands after touching shopping carts!

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