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It is undeniable that your smile is the first thing people notice about you. In the case of many people, their teeth can make or break their appearance and overall confidence. This has allowed cosmetic dentistry to evolve drastically over a short period of time to provide countless options and solutions to solve various teeth problems. These procedures are often included under the term “Hollywood Smile”. 

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What is a “Hollywood Smile”?

The word “Hollywood Smile” is a term used to describe many cosmetic dentistry procedures that aim to change the appearance of teeth, either for therapeutic reasons such as fixing broken teeth, or for cosmetic reasons such as removing stains and improving the appearance of the teeth.

History of Hollywood Smile

The earliest records of cosmetic dentistry go back to the fourteenth century when Europeans began carving artificial teeth from bone and ivory. However, these artificial teeth were not easy nor comfortable to wear therefore they were quickly abandoned. As technology and science evolved, artificial teeth became more comfortable, and appeared more natural as they began to be made of variations of porcelain. Cosmetic dentistry continues to evolve to this day with new techniques and procedures emerging 

Types of Hollywood Smile

The technology behind cosmetic procedures that allow patients to transform their teeth vary from one procedure to the other. However, the term “Hollywood Smile” typically refers to one of two procedures: 

1- Dental Veneers: 

Veneers are a very thin layer that is placed over the visible part of the tooth to enhance its appearance. Veneers come in 2 main types: 

    1. Direct Veneers: Are commonly made of a material called Composite Resin, which is installed over the tooth with a special bonding material. Once applied, the dentist shapes it to fit the patient’s mouth.
    2. Indirect Veneers: Are made of porcelain and its derivatives, which is a strong material. Indirect veneers are installed onto the tooth by removing the front enamel layer so that the lens can attach onto the tooth.

2- Dental Crowns: 

Crowns, also called “caps,” are a dental procedure that cover the entire visible portion of teeth, by crafting one solid artificial tooth then placing it over a filed tooth. Crowns differ from veneers in the way they cover the tooth entirely while veneers only cover one side of it.

Cases that may benefit from "Hollywood Smile"

Patients resort to “Hollywood Smile “to treat various health or cosmetic dental problems. The following list shows the most prominent cases that can be treated with different “Hollywood Smile” procedures: 

  • Dental fractures.
  • Dark pigmentation. 
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Deformation of teeth.
  • Problems with teeth alignment. 
  • Problems in the front teeth that have been filled previously.

After diagnosing the case, the dentist makes sure that the patient is qualified to get a Hollywood smile by performing thorough examinations to ensure the safety of the patient’s teeth after the procedure. 

Myth or Fact

Myth: Hollywood smile cannot decay.

Fact: The artificial surface of a tooth may not decay, but the natural tooth underneath it can if not properly cared for.

Myth: Hollywood Smile teeth cannot break. 

Fact: Although artificial teeth are made of hard and strong materials, fractures and cracks are possible.

Myth: Anyone can get a Hollywood smile.

Fact: Not all patients will be eligible for a Hollywood Smile. This is why your dentist will conduct many diagnostic procedures to ensure that you are qualified before proceeding with the procedure. 

Myth: A Hollywood smile lasts a lifetime.

Fact: Artificial teeth can lose their strength due to the natural wear and tear of the teeth. Therefore, patients must replace them as soon as they begin to show signs of weakness. However, if cared for properly, your Hollywood Smile can last for up to 15 years or more. 

Possible Complications of Hollywood Smile

Various cosmetic dentistry procedures have different requirements in order to be installed and applied correctly. Some of these requirements can cause some complication to your teeth; such as:

1. Some of these procedures require the removal of the enamel layer, which is an important layer that protects the inner parts of your teeth from damage.

2. Certain practices may cause gingivitis and its accompanying symptoms due to the accumulation of food deposits between the natural tooth and the artificial one. This can cause bad odour and the formation of pus between the gums and the teeth.

3. Teeth may become more sensitive to certain foods and temperatures. 

4. Difficulty in accepting the new smile due to the sudden change in the person’s appearance.

5. Problems with speech and pronunciation, if the teeth did not suit the patient’s mouth.

Alternative Solutions to Common Cosmetic Problems

With the ever-growing popularity of “Hollywood Smile”, some patients may feel the need to resort to such procedures even if their dental state does not require it. Here are three of the most common cosmetic problems and alternative solutions to them: 

  • Calculus: also known as tartar, is a hard deposit that forms over teeth when plaque is not properly and regularly removed. This problem can be easily fixed by maintaining a dental routine by visiting the dentists to get a deep teeth cleaning twice a year. 
  • Unaligned Teeth: Another common problem that most people wish to fix is unaligned teeth. When teeth are not straight, gaps can form between them, or the teeth can face different direction which makes them hard to clean and maintain. A common solution for this problem is dental braces. 
  • Yellowing: Teeth are typically yellowed by a variety of reasons, mostly from overconsumption of certain foods that stain your teeth such as coffee and tea. This problem can be fixed by visiting your dentist and getting your teeth professionally whitened. 

Final Remarks

Before you embark on your cosmetic dental journey, you must first do a proper research to understand the possible risks for the procedure you are considering. A Hollywood Smile may change your life for the better, but it could also change your life for the worse if not performed correctly. Thus, the key to a perfect smile is not a certain procedure, but a trustworthy dentist who is transparent with you, and prioritizes the health of your smile over anything else.  

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