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Hello, we are calling to let you know we have a donor for you.”
Imagine the impact of this sentence on someone who has been on the waiting list for years.

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What is brain death?

Brain death is the complete loss of brain function. Brain death is not a coma and is considered permanent and irreversible.

Chances of recovery?

There is a 0% chance for someone who is brain dead to return to life due to the cessation of all brain functions.

What organs can be donated?

A patient who lost all brain functions can donate the following organs:

  • The kidneys
  • The lungs
  • The heart
  • Pancreas
  • Intestines
  • Cornea
  • Platelets


  • One donor can save up to 12 lives!
  • A new person is added to the organ transplantation waiting list every 10 minutes
  • In 2019 only 39,718 organ transplants were performed out of 100,000 on the waiting list

Facts and Myths

Myth: I suffer from an illness therefore I can’t donate my organs.

Fact: Anyone can donate their organs in case of brain death regardless of age or illness history. The medical team in charge of your care will determine if your organs are suitable for transplantation or not.

Myth: If I agree to donate my organs the medical team will not try to save my life.

Fact: Your life is as precious as the person on the waiting list. The medical team responsible for you will resort to all possible options to save your life before donating your organs.

Myth: My family will be burdened with the transplantation charges.

Fact: There are no charges for organ transplantation.

The Impact of Organ Donation on The Society

Sara was a kind woman who loved to help everyone in every way she could. One day in an unfortunate car accident she was severely injured and declared brain dead.

Her Husband, Ali thought carefully about the best decision he could make. He decided that his wife would choose to donate her organs if she had the choice.

Sara’s organs were able to save the lives of 5 different people:

Nora: was on the waiting lists for a heart transplant for years and is now healthy after receiving Sara’s heart. 

Ahmad: after years of dialysis sessions, Ahmad can now live a normal life thanks to Sara’s kidney.

Mona: a mother who suffered from diabetes for years, Mona has a new lifestyle now after receiving Sara’s pancreas.

Hala: After losing her vision at the young age of 12, Hala can now see with Sara’s donated corneas.

Always remember, one decision can change the lives of many people for the better.

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