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Let’s picture this hypothetical situation; you are out shopping and you saw an item that you liked. What’s the first thing you would do before actually purchasing this item? You would most likely check its price and make sure it falls within the range of your budget.

This analogy applies to our bodies as well. Before we consume any dietary supplements we must think carefully; does my body need this? A prescription should never be based on your symptoms and what you feel, but rather a carefully conducted test by a doctor.

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What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are substances you might use to add nutrients to your diet or to lower your risk of health problems. Common supplements include vitamins, minerals, protein.

Key Pointers

Most of us can get all the vitamins we need from a well-balanced diet.

  • Some people might need more supplements than others including pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under the age of five years, and some adults. You can learn about your body’s needs by visiting a specialist to get the necessary tests done. 
  • Supplements should not replace a well-balanced diet and if you decide to consume them make sure you consume them within the recommended daily allowances.

And always remember..

Just because a product is natural, does not mean it’s safe.

Natural ≠ Safe

Natural ≠ Safe

Natural ≠ Safe

Supplements Facts

  • – Overconsumption of protein supplements can cause dehydration, stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea, decreased appetite, anxiety, exhaustion.

    • Protein supplements do not increase muscle mass within the body. You can gain muscle if you workout and eat a balanced diet.
    • Certain ‘body building’ supplements contain harmful chemicals which are not disclosed on the nutritional label.


    Natural Sources Vs. Supplements

    – Calcium found in food is absorbed more easily than calcium in pill form, and is less likely to cause kidney stones or other side effects!

    – There are no proven benefits of taking high doses of Vitamin C. Research proves that it has no effect on treating colds. You can get the RDA of vitamin C from a piece of fruit or juice.

    – Fatty acids in fish oil supplements are oxidized which reduces their nutritional value drastically.

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Salamatak is an awareness program with an authentic Arab spirit that provides health advice and guidance in line with the standards of international health awareness organizations. It aims to elevate society through health and safety awareness in a spontaneous way, and targets healthy people in particular and society in general.

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